News for vegan and vegetarian

We will be open for dinner

starting November 4th, 2019.

Enjoy Nobister’s vegan/vegetarian dinner!!!



A: Vegan sandwich set meal (served with small salad and veggie chips)

B: Nobi veggie soup set meal(served with small salad, veggie chips and vegan bread)

C: Vegan combo set meal(served with salad, brown rice, seasonal side dishes and soup)

D: Meal sized salad set (served with vegan bread and veggie chips)


  • Dinner 19:00-21:00
  • Bar 19:00-23:00

*We charge ¥1000 cover for who purchases only a drink (the cover includes snacks)

*No substitutions or modifications please


お持ち帰りの 「ノビスタ to go ランチボックス」も好評発売中!

TEL 095(829)0831